tiistai 19. huhtikuuta 2016

tiistai 10. marraskuuta 2015

We began to make our new production Secret Life of Plants

New Wolf Sign Theatre production combines puppet theatre with dance and paper theatre.
Secret Life of Plants is a comedy about a humans relationship to plants. It is based on the pseudo-scientific publication Secret Life of Plants  (Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird 1973). 
The premiere is in the beginning of September 2016 at Forum Box gallery in Helsinki.

We started working on the performance summer 2015. So far we have had two short working residences where we have discussed the book, the process, collected material for inspiration and made some try out things. 

Sielutiede-working group: 
Performer: Leena Harjunpää
Direction: Niina Lindroos
Script& dramaturgy: Elina Minn
Sound design: Hannu Seppälä
Visual design& puppet construction: Iisa Tähtinen

maanantai 2. marraskuuta 2015

Our New children's performance at TIP-Fest in Turku

Our new performance Kulta Noutavainen ja kumman kiukkuinen siivekäs had it's premiere in July at the children's art festival Hippalot! in Hämeenlinna. After that we have been performing in Merimasku, Eura and Pori. Next week we look forward to meet the audience in our home town Turku at the international puppetry festival TIP-Fest.

We will perform 13.11 at 18:00 and 14.11 at 11:00. The performances are in finnish, but there isn't that much text, so you will be able to follow most of it without undesrstanding the text. Welcome!

keskiviikko 7. lokakuuta 2015

Punch Night Fever 24.9 & Lumous Festival 8.10

Agony of Emma Eckstein was performed at National Theaters  Lavaklubi where it was part of
Punch Night Fever! puppet theatre club for adults -programme 24.9.2015. Wolf Sign Theatre wants to thank Lavaklubi, Punch Night Fever and The audience for the wonderful evening!
Kuva: Linda Vapalahti

Next time Agony of Emma Eckstein is seen at Lumous festival in Vantaa Korso. There will be two shows tomorrow, Thurday 8.10 at 13.30 and 18.30. Performance will be in finnish.
Tickets: 5€ day ja 10€ evening . Tickets are sold 30 minutes before the performance from the door or it is possible to buy them in advance from netticket.fi. Welcome!
Lumous -festivaalin ohjelma

perjantai 22. toukokuuta 2015

Kulta Noutavainen performing first time in front of test audience

Kulta Noutavainen (the name of the future show) visited Touhula's kindergarten at Nättinummi Turku where test audiences came to watch parts of the performance. One of us was very nervous beforehand of how the other (the one with the fur) would react to this new space and to the new audience. And then: Everything went perfectly. Kulta Noutavainen (that is the name of the one with the fur also) was very focused to the acting on the stage ...and a  little bit outside the stage also ;).
Our main goal was to perform small pieces of the future show to different age groups of children. Everthing went so well that we performed a run-trough for the last group. For our big surprise audiences reacted with laughter and joy to what they saw. Thank You Touhula!

Kulta Noutavainen premieres at Hippalot festival in the end of July

Wolf Sign Theatre's new performance gets it's premiere 31.7.2015  at Hippalot, the childrens art festival at Hämeenlinna, Finland. The theme of the festival this year is music. Read more from their web site: www.hippalot.fi

You can also come to greet us at Laivakoira Axelin puuhapäivät-event in Turku that will be held 31st of May. Well be in front of Forum Marinum at the spot that you can also get info of the Aura of Puppets (local puppet theatre network).

tiistai 10. maaliskuuta 2015

Coming Up!

Childrens theatre performance that combines puppet theatre and dog comedy. Story about how anger makes life colorful.

Finnish premiere coming up at the end of July 2015! More info in May.

Performance is a solowork of puppet theatre artist Iisa Tähtinen and it is suitable for all ages, but most importantly it is made for children from 1 to 6 years old